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What are your capital needs?

  • Rapid Growth Financing
  • The Bank Says "No" or Calls Your Loan
  • M & A - Timely Acquisition Financing
  • Cash Flow Gaps & Short-Term Needs
  • New Contract & Purchase Order Funding
  • Handle Longer Terms - Net-30, 60, 90+
  • Bridge Funding to Long-Term Solutions
  • Merchant Cash Advance Consolidations
  • Seasonal Shortfalls - Cash for Slow Periods

Growth Funding Solutions

Facilities from $50K to $15MM +

  • solution1 Asset-Based Lending
  • solution1 Invoice Financing / Factoring
  • solution1 Working Capital Loans
  • solution1 Inventory Funding
  • solution1 Equipment Leasing & Loans
  • solution1 Purchase Order (PO) Funding
  • solution1 Government Contract Financing
  • solution1 Unsecured & Subordinated Loans
  • solution1 SBA Loans for Working Capital

Serving Growing Industries Including:

  • industry Manufacturing
  • industry Wholesale & Distribution
  • industry Government Contractors
  • industry Staffing Firms
  • industry Food & Beverage
  • industry Advertising & Media
  • industry E-Commerce & Retail
  • industry Consumer Products
  • industry Consulting & IT Services
  • industry Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial
  • industry Security Guard Services
  • industry Telecommunications & IOT Providers

Fully Guided, Step-By-Step
Process To Funding



We genuinely care and listen to your needs and objectives so our process stays strategic to your growth goals.



We lead a comprehensive capital search and advise you on your evolving options for short and long-term growth.



We take responsibility to guide your lender engagements all the way to a timely closing. We are here to serve you.


Our Core Values are Rooted in Trust

  • Transparency

    We communicate honestly to build our relationship for the long term.

  • Responsibility

    We take personal responsibility and stay accountable to you always.

  • Understanding

    We seek to truly understand you so we can meet and exceed your goals.

  • Service

    We are here to serve your needs and timeline to your best interests.

  • Thankfulness

    We embrace authentic gratitude for every opportunity to serve you.


Serve Funding provides working capital advisory for business leaders who believe in trust-based partnerships.

We take a servant leadership approach with all our clients, lenders and partners to ensure win-win outcomes.
We are #HeretoServe.

Here to Serve means we always put your best interest first. It means we go the extra mile(s) to do all that may be possible to help you source the right working capital, and more.

We believe this foundational attitude engages like-minded people in long-term, trusted relationships.
And THAT’s our WHY.

Doing GOOD: We Support These Charities.

Serve Funding gives a percentage of all fees earned to these exemplary non-profits:

Client Wins


Acquisition Funding: $515,000 for expanding tech staffing / services firm.

An established, Ohio-based tech services firm was looking to acquire a staffing firm specializing in their field to empower growth in the labor shortage of 2022.

The client found a very profitable Minnesota-based staffing firm and executed a favorable purchase agreement. The buy-side investment banker sourced two capital providers over several months however both deals fell apart for varying reasons. Consequently the seller was developing deal fatigue and the client faced risk of losing the deal.

The investment banker approached Serve Funding and we sourced a term-loan lender and closed on over $500,000 to close out the acquisition smoothly.


Payroll Save:$150,000 to ensure a 60-employee firm made payroll

A growing, Atlanta, GA-based, niche services firm was facing an unexpected cash flow shortfall due to a large receivable their customer delayed paying. The risk of letting down their employees became a top priority they set out to resolve rapidly.

The account executive from the firm’s new PEO partner reached out to Serve Funding for a fast solution. We knew the exact lender to take this to and sourced a $150,000, 18-month term loan product which closed in under 4 business days. Crisis averted!


Short-Term Cashflow Bridge: $2MM for growing transport company.

A Florida-based, $50MM transportation company sought help from their banker for an unexpected scenario: their customer, one of the largest online retailers, decided to appoint the company as a direct delivery partner. This meant the invoicing terms changed overnight from net-7 to net-60 and meant the firm suddenly had over $2MM of invoices trapped for up to two months.

The banker reached out to Serve Funding seeking a solution. Invoice factoring was considered however it would not work due to that buyer’s processes. We sourced a short term lender who underwrote based on cash flow and produced a $2MM, short term bridge to get the company through the 60-day shortage.


Partner Buy-Out: $150,000 to fund an internal acquisition.

Two specialty construction firms based in Georgia and South Carolina, respectively, came together years ago to join forces. The SC firm rolled their complementary service offerings into the GA firm as the two worked together as one for several years.

When the pandemic hit, the owner of the GA firm decided to get out of the business, which was still all in his possession. They devised a plan and executed a purchase agreement with a 30-day window.

Serve Funding had reached out over social media to one of the buyer’s principals just as this buy-out developed. They spoke and we were engaged to source the right capital partner. Several hurdles evolved yet Serve was able to close the funding just in time for the purchase window timeframe.

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